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What my awesome clients have said about me

We have recently produced a six-part video series showcasing our firms clients success stories with Xero, and Jenny was a massive part of the production process, and a great help. She produced our video marketing strategy, and coached us through how to frame it specifically for our business – and then led us through how to promote successfully via social media. Thanks Jen, the results have been fantastic!

Brett Hansen

My business got a lot easier when I found you.

From day one Jen had a thorough understanding of my business and, more importantly my clients. Her expertise and planning is exceptional and she is always there to “brain storm” upcoming ideas with me.

Jen truly is an asset to my business and me, she gives me so much confidence and gets me to look at things in a different light from someone outside the real estate industry.

I am so grateful to have Jen as part of my “team” and look forward to Jen’s continual input into my business.

Linda Parry

Tina Chin – Wholefoodsavvy.com

Tina Chin - Wholefood Savvy
I’ve always wanted to build a community and go live on video though a little shy and worried about who would want to listen to me? I learnt that I’m not unique with this thought.
When I saw Jenny’s Lights Camera Lipstick program, I took the plunge and went with my heart before my head decided not to.
I had so much fun and the accountability of the group kept me going everyday to build up my confidence.
It’s so good having a video coach like Jenny De Lacy. She’s still there for me even after I have finished.
She’s so much fun to work with and gave me the confidence to speak out and live my passion. She gave us great resources and tools to look up. Showed us quick tricks with technology and tools to use. Now I carry my selfie stick everywhere so I can capture moments on the go.
I’ve learnt to be authentic and let the world hear what I have to offer cause there is only one me. Now I look forward to getting on line, I am learning to plan my posts and I am getting more engagement on FB live as well leading more people to our sites and classes.
If you are feeling a little unsure about videos, let Jenny hold your hand and she will have you sorted.
The biggest thing is to say yes to yourself

Danielle Atkins – declutterlife.com.au

I’m Danielle from Declutter Life and I wanted to share with you how thrilled I was to spend 10 days with Jenny De Lacy in her Lights Camera Liptsick challenge. I didn’t know the mechanics of getting video up and out there to the world about my business, or what message I should be focusing on. Jenny took me through the whole spectrum. And in just 10 days I feel so confident and can’t wait to do more video because of her wisdom, expertise and especially her encouragement. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level by getting yourself up and out there on video – I know it’s scary – but after you’ve spent 10 days with Jenny you’ll know it’s just so much fun and it’s not scary at all.

Thanks so much Jenny


Jo Wise – Jowiseleadership

I just did a 10 day Challenge with Jenny De Lacy, and it was by far the most beneficial challenge I have EVER been in. I have been doing videos myself for about 8 months and doing a pretty average job of it, I have not been getting many views on Facebook or much interaction.

The first video I did in Jenny’s challenge I sold out an event with in 3 days of posting the video! That instantly demonstrated the impact this challenge has had.

I am feeling more confident, I have more tips for creating the looks I want and am implementing so much of what Jenny shared with me to save so much time in the video process. If you are serious about getting better results with your video marketing I highly encourage you to join Jenny’s Challenge.


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