How does she do it? An interview with a successful working mum

How does she do it? An interview with a successful working mum

Laurel is this months Successful Working Mum, and has run her own business for as long as I have known her (apart from when we were kids of course, although she was probably still trying to sell something then too). Her band Three’s Company Trio (  have been successfully working together for 20 years! I asked her what her tops three tips were for successfully running her business whilst keeping her house under control, kids and husband sorted (most of the time), and mostly maintaining her own sanity. Here’s what she said… 

  • She does little jobs throughout the day so there aren’t as many big jobs to do, for example, wipe over the bathrooms, quickly sweep the floor in the kitchen and chuck a load of washing on then leave the house – time taken? About 10 minutes, but saves hours in cleaning bathrooms later on
  • She follows a process – it is totally intuitive now, but there are actions she takes one after another for every client contact from lead through to engagement, completing the work and follow up. What is your process? How can you make sure you get to a point where you don’t have to think about what to do next?
  • When it’s her day off she has a DAY OFF! It is tempting to leave all the housey stuff, kid’s notices, calls to the dentist and catch up calls to friends to that one day, but that makes it just as much a work day as any other. These smaller things are spread across the rest of the working week so her day off is as restful as possible

What are your best tips for not losing your mind whilst working and raising a family?


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