What is Copywriting?

Any words that you want people to read about your business and make a buying decision about or take action, is copywriting. Your website, brochures, profiles, video scripts, emails and social media. Anything involving words you send out to the world to showcase and promote your awesome business.

Why Do I Need To Use a Copywriter?

Sometimes it’s hard to describe in words what you do. It might make you cringe. Or you might simply not have the time to sit and write the message you want to communicate to your audience.

A copywriter will craft your message to engage your intended audience and lead them to action. Tell a story, educate, entertain, explain your business.

What is SEO Copywriting?

Search Engine Optimisation is about using keywords in your reader focused copy, and website structure, to ensure when people search for answers in Google (and other search engines), your website or content will come up high in the search results with the answer they are looking for.

Paying for SEO copywriting is worth the money. If you appear on the first page of Google people will be clicking to know more, which results in more leads and more business for you.

Do I Really Need To Be Using Video?

Yes. It’s not a question of IF but HOW you can share your message on video, Facebook Live and Webinars. Standing out from the crowd is important, and getting your lovely self and your business message out there on social media and your website will help people build trust in you and your brand. Being visible naturally builds trust and confidence in your intended market.

So hop to it – if you’re not sure where to start, or have video scripting needs, get in touch with me today.