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Visibility For Introverts

Visibility for introverts
You don’t have to be a loud mouth like me to create visibility for your business.

There are heaps of ways to be visible without pressing go live on your phone and clenching your bum cheeks hoping you don’t stuff it up…

Here's my visibility for introverts list.

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Facebook Live For Beginners

Facebook Live for Beginners

What’s it costing you not to do this?

Especially if you had ‘visibility’ on your list this year?

Facebook Newsroom reports that people watch a live video three times longer than a static pre-recorded video. And the reach for live posts is 10 times more than normal posts. For Free.
And if you go live on your Facebook business page, which is public, people who like your page will be notified you're live, the longer you're live, the more people are notified. And they can share the post with their friends, groups or pages. For nicks, for nothing, nada.

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Produce Client Focused Content

How Being A Sleep Deprived Mum Helped Me Create Client Focused Content

Sleep Deprivation is Torture

When my middle son was a baby I genuinely tried to work out how I could wrangle things so I could be looked after. In a hospital, without my children or unhelpful husband. Not my proudest moment. Actually one of my darkest.

I remember standing on the back deck on the phone to some sleep school or other, and hearing that there was a six week wait. Sorry, wha?? Six weeks? Are you joking, you can’t honestly think I can survive another six weeks like this.

I swore. A lot. And she got tetchy with me.

I swore. A lot. And she got tetchy with me Click To Tweet

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Are you committing the 7 deadly sins of video marketing?

Are you committing the seven deadly sins of video?

Do you need the confessional?

Using video, Facebook live, webinars and live training is a fantastic way to engage your audience. Letting people get to know you, hear your message and offer them some value is a fast track to leads. But what if you're not getting the results you want? Perhaps you've checked your stats and people are clicking away after about 7 seconds or not clicking at all?

Perhaps you're committing one of the seven deadly sins. Read on to make sure you're on the straight and narrow.

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