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Help! I Didn’t Send Christmas Cards. What Now?

December Came and Went In A Flurry

Did you know Christmas cards were first created to save time? (You can read more about it here).
I have seriously clever copywriting friends who compose poems, send witty postcards, and make sure they say thanks to all their clients for the year that was.
 I don’t. Time always gets the better of me. Kids and deadlines nearly always take over
I also feel like there is a glut of messages, emails, cards and texts sent in December to say thanks. And Merry Christmas or Happy Hunnikah. A festivus for the rest of us, and so on.
So I came up with some actions I can take in early January to reconnect and say thanks to my clients from 2016, and also business connections that made a difference to me throughout the year.

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reviewing the year

Reviewing the Year – A Practical Guide For The Over Thinker

Don't Spend Time Reviewing 2016

We're always told to reflect on the year that was. The good, the bad, and the ugly. What worked and what didn't. Connections we made. Money we spent. Emotions we experienced. Blocks we cleared...Reviewing the year is exhausting and I haven't even started yet.

Before you delve into the year that was, and fall down the rabbit hole of introspective over-thinking, read on.

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Are you committing the 7 deadly sins of video marketing?

Are you committing the seven deadly sins of video?

Do you need the confessional?

Using video, Facebook live, webinars and live training is a fantastic way to engage your audience. Letting people get to know you, hear your message and offer them some value is a fast track to leads. But what if you're not getting the results you want? Perhaps you've checked your stats and people are clicking away after about 7 seconds or not clicking at all?

Perhaps you're committing one of the seven deadly sins. Read on to make sure you're on the straight and narrow.

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How to get stuff done when you'd rather take a nap

How To Get Stuff Done When You’d Rather Have a Nana Nap

The Elusive Winning Mindset.

I don’t share personal struggle stories as a general rule. I think we should just all get on with it. Get to the point. Don’t faff around, just get stuff done. A true no-nonsense approach.

But a post last night by Brook McCarthy and then today by Kate Toon prompted me to think again.

Both said we should share the shadow, not just the highs but the woes too. Not just “look how well I do this thing cos I'm awesome, and so can you.” But the reality that a lot of the time I don’t 'just get on with it' and get stuff done.

I found a lot of the time I don’t have a winning mindset. That it’s fair to middling at best.
I found a lot of the time I don’t have a winning mindset. That it’s fair to middling at best. Click To Tweet

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Re-Use Your About Me Blurb Across Multiple Platforms

Re-using your about me blurb

So I know you've had a crack at writing your about me blurb, but to have to redo it every time you start up or edit a profile is a pain in the backside, not to mention time consuming, so follow these easy steps and save some time.

  1. Set up a word document, get your about me blurb on there from wherever your favourite one is (because often we have more than one version across social media profiles). If you are starting from scratch you can follow this simple little guide to get your started.

2. Check the word count (highlight it and check word count in tools menu)

3. Make headings for each of the social media platforms you are using

4. Check your optimum profile length for your chosen social media platform (using the infographic)

5. Make multiple copies of your blurb in your word doc under the social media platform headings you created 

6. Edit your about me blurb one at a time for each platform then go to each profile and copy and paste it in. 

Job done and dusted. Save your document. If you decide to update your about me page on your website be sure to edit it here first so you can update all your other platforms too. It will save you heaps of time and pain in the future.

Use the word limits on this infographic for social media platforms

Confessions of technophobe made good

Unless you have enough dosh to outsource, you can't really be a technophobe and run a business online

The thought of, or even speaking about, various social media thingys and my website, and anything vaguely related to online land used to send me into a spin. I am not a stupid person, just someone who has made a career without too much of that being necessary, so why I am now working in it/on it every day?! Well it was all about the customer I wanted to work with – if that’s where you are, then that’s where I need to be.

So how to turn this technophobia around? Well that’s a looong and painful story about “journeys” and “discovery” and “hacks”…yuck. The short version is “I did it a bit at a time” and so can you.

Choose one platform like Facebook and learn what you need, use it well and don’t let free downloads about twitter for business freak you out or distract you, when you need them you will still be able to find them, either save them on Facebook or search for them later.

Then move to the next one. Are your ideal clients on LinkedIn? Instagram? Again, just choose one thing, learn as much as you need then repeat.

You don't have to be an expert on any social media platforms, but you do need a certain amount of literacy, and that's all this is - like learning a new language or when you first started using email (yes folks I remember what it was like when email was NEW). The more you use it, the easier it becomes.


Tips for curing writer’s block

Three no nonsense tips for curing writer’s block when your brain is empty

So you can go from this:

tips for curing writer's block

To this:

no more writer's block

You stare at the screen, it is blank like your brain…empty of ideas or a clue where to start. Write a blog they said, just write about yourself, or anything really, it will be easy they said. You even have the heading ready to go, it came to you in the middle of the night, inspiration strikes at weird times doesn’t it, I wonder what I should get for tea tonight, oh and don’t forget it’s Halloween this weekend and Ollie needs to dress as a zombie so I should ask someone if they have a mask I can borrow…oh hang on, I am supposed to be writing…yep okay, got it…writing something…anything

So we have all been there, you know you had something to say when you first came up with the idea for the blog. Now you have an hour dedicated to getting that ticked off your to-do list and you are in front of the blinking cursor…but what to do now?

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